Sport Conference at the University

Sport University

The rising generation and sport tourism were the topics of the two-day conference held on September 5 to 6 at the university.

The guests of honour of the meeting are Jenő Buzánszky, member of the “golden team” and the professionals of the FC Barcelona’s junior team.

 At the Wednesday at a press conference it was pointed out that the University and the city itself have been consciously developing a sport policy for years, which has already led to tangible results.

János Nagy, President of Centre for Agricultural and Applied Economic Sciences explained that the professional and academic discussions are organised in order to establish a tradition. He added that the sports infrastructure of the city and the university together will enable 30 thousand students to exercise regularly.

At the conference lectures and presentations were held by the professionals of the Barcelona FC. The methods of the Catalan club will be studied further next spring by Andras Herczeg, director of the DLA (Debrecen Football Academy), Elemer Kondas, head coach of DVSC-TEVA and club chairman Gábor Sima.

During the two-day conference the topic of sport related tourism, infrastructure, marketing and their sustainability were considered.

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