Helping Young People to Find Employment


University of Debrecen is taking part in the research program that is about to help the young people to find jobs more easily; the program is financed by the European Union.

University of Debrecen’s Department of Sociology and Social Policy together with University of Nagyvárad and Partium Christian University have won the tender of HURO, Rural youth jobs HURO/1001/081/2.3.2/01 to the realization of this program. The purpose of the program is to disclose the situation of employment of primarily those youngsters, who live on the borders of Hungary and Romania. Besides, to analyze the labour market and to help the young people to fit in and to integrate into the society.

The data recording was started in March, in five Hungarian and five Romanian settlements; 500 people were questioned between the ages of 16 and 35. During the research, questions were asked about learning, purposes of their lives, employments and its circumstances, social and family situation. The next step of the program is to organise trainings abroad for unemployed young people to help them find jobs. Aside from job opportunities abroad, the border area will also be surveyed.

Those who are doing the researches would like to get answers to the questions that what kind of expectations the employers have, what the connection is look like between an employer and an employee.
Tibor Valuch, head of University of Debrecen’s Department of Sociology and Social Policy says: “if any of these young unemployed people will manage to find a job, it is worth to start the project”.

The European Union gave 190 thousands Euros for the two universities to collaborate on this program.



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