The wife is the only suspect


A 31 years old man was found dead in his home on the 8th of February.
The victim was a secretary at Berettyóújfalu Court. The Police passed the case to the Prosecutor’s office in Debrecen.

The experts ruled out the possibility of suicide.

The man was sitting in his armchair, he was stabbed there. Then someone poured some inflammable liquid on him and lit it. The man walked towards the bathroom, presumably to put out the fire with water but he fainted and fell into the bathtub. When police officers arrived only the wife was there inthe house.

Prosecutor’s staffalso interrogated the suspect. Currently she is the only suspect in this brutalmurder case. They put the 28 years old wife into a thirty days pre-trial arrest.
The woman is suspected commiting a murder with particular cruelty.
The victim was raised by the mayor of Berettyóújfalu.

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