DVSC-Forum and DVSE – No Lounging


Sportsmen of Debrecen are extremely active; Debrecen Water Polo Team have started the preparation to the next season, Handball Team of DVSC-Forum will play in Békéscsaba and Vác.

DVSE wants a place in the rostrum

Last year the water polo team became the fifth in the championship. From last year’s team Mitrovics, Varga, Halek and Misics are staying in the team, the management is negotiating with some other players. László Weszelovszky, last year’s goal king of OB I, came to the team of Debrecen. Besides him, other talents will transfer. According to experts, DVSE is a probable winner in all series. DVSE will introduce itself in the Hungarian Cup in September. European Cup and the championship will begin in October.

The Handball Team is also preparing

There will be a few preparation matches for the DVSC-Forum Handball team this week. Loki went to Békéscsaba on Tuesday. On Sunday the team goes to Vác; at 11 am they will be playing against the Austrian team Hypo, then in the afternoon, 4 pm against the host team.


Source: hajdupress.hu

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