DVSC football team admitted the vandalism


Peter Kabat damaged the sentry box in front of the Polish consulate in Harkov, Ukraine. In Kabat`s and Laczko`s hotel room some furniture damaged too. The club will punish the players.

DVSC lost 2-1 in the home of Ukraine Metaliszt in Europa League and later two players ommitted vandalism on streets of Harkov.

"After the Metalist Harkiv DVSC League group match three DVSC players, Peter Kabat, Peter Laczko and Zsolt Szakaly left the hostel after the imposed curfew and started wandering in downtown Harkov. Peter Kabat struck the window of a sentry box next to the Polish embassy. The glass of the window cracked.
The guards have taken action against the players and let them only go after they paid 120 Euro fine." said the website of the club.

Kabat and Laczko paid the inflicted damages in their hotel rooms.

The DVSC otherwise fought a great battle and only lost the game in the 88 minutes.
With this loss the Debrecen is standing on the bottom of its group without points.

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