Police Looking For Foreigners in Connection With the February Street Attacks in Budapest


New warrants have been issued in the case of the February street attacks in the capital, the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) announced on police.hu on Friday, calling the incident an “antifa attack”.

In addition to the four suspects questioned so far in the proceedings for violence against a member of the community, there are already arrest warrants against six more foreigners. The investigative team established at the BRFK to detect the attacks committed in the capital in the days before February 11th is continuously working on detecting the series of crimes, they wrote.

Budapest investigators work closely with the German police

There are four suspects in the case: a German and an Italian citizen are under arrest, a German suspect was ordered to be placed under criminal supervision, and a Hungarian one is at large. Earlier, in connection with the series of crimes, the BRFK issued arrest warrants against three more German citizens. As a result of the international cooperation, according to Friday’s announcement, three more German citizens have been added to the group of those with arrest warrants. The BRFK’s “message is clear: we will not tolerate attacks on people in the capital, whether on ideological grounds or not. We will use all the means allowed by the law to identify the perpetrators, regardless of nationality, ideology, or gender, and prosecute them “ – reads the announcement.

According to the previous information of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, the BRFK is investigating the alleged participants of the “Eruption Day” event in various parts of Budapest in the days leading up to February 11th, for armed group violence against members of the community, grievous bodily harm and other crimes.

The perpetrators attacked the victims, who were unknown to them, because of their clothing suggesting extreme right-wing views. At their previous press conference, the police said that the attacks carried out with telescopic sticks, so-called vipers, as well as boxers and other tools, were committed by seven to eight people, but the group may have ten to fifteen members. The attackers first beat up Polish tourists – two of the victims suffered serious, fractured injuries – and then a day later they assaulted a man in Gazdagrét, he was slightly injured. After that, a couple on their way home from a concert was beaten up on Bank street in the city center, the man was seriously injured, and a German couple was severely assaulted on Mikó street in district I.


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