Charges Brought Against a Man Who Beat His Partner to Death in Budapest


Charges were brought against a 40-year-old man who severely assaulted his partner in an apartment in the X. district of Budapest and then left the life-threateningly injured woman alone – the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the Capital informed MTI on Thursday.

According to the announcement, the man and the woman started a relationship at the beginning of 2021, and they moved in together in an apartment on Hős street in the X. district. Conflicts and quarrels were regular in the couple’s relationship, and the drug-using accused abused the woman several times. In several cases, the victim called the police, but after the on-site measures, she did not request that the man be held responsible.

On the night of July 29th, 2021, the defendant started abusing the woman again in the apartment, hitting her all over her body persistently. After the assault, the defendant left the victim, who was still alive at the time, only returned to the apartment at dawn the next day, and it was not until the morning after that that he noticed that the woman was not moving, so he turned to the neighbors for help. The ambulance was notified by one of the neighbors, who, however, could only determine the death of the victim. Professional help arriving in time could have saved the victim’s life, they wrote in the announcement. The Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office accuses the 40-year-old man, who is under arrest, of murder.


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