Perpetrators of street robbery were caught


Perpetrators of street robbery were caught by the police in Debrecen. Three and a half million of the stolen eight million was found- said the head of the city police at a press conference on Wednesday.

The offence happened on 12  October, in the downtown of  Debrecen at Hatvan Street, in the neighbourhood of the post office and a bank.

Two women arrived by a car arrived to the scene carrying their employer’s income of that day, which should have been deposited in the bank. When the car stopped a man came up to them and used pepper spray, took the bag and drove off by bike.

The perpetrator has been identified and was captured by the counter-terrorism department. It turned out that one of the women sitting in the car was a friend of the perpetrator and that they are both are guilty. They both have a confession and part of the money was found.


Source: MTI

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