Three-day traffic inspection in Hajdú Bihar county


In the interval of July 24-26 2012 TISPOL European Operation Truck & Bus traffic safety check was carried out with the following results:

In the process of the traffic safety check 181 policemen, 10 traffic controller, 4 tax and custom inspector and 15 militiamen took part.

During the three days 6 criminal reporting and 17 traffic offences were registered. 373 drivers were punished with on-the-spot fine, while 99 people were warned for committing minor traffic offences.

The most on-the-spot fine was given for cars running without the lights on (101 people), and for driving without the necessary licences and documents (56 people).

Administrative procedure was initiated in 38 cases for not fastening the seatbelt, in 1 case for drunk-driving, in 200 cases for exceeding the speed limit and in 95 cases for not keeping the obligatory traffic indications.

1468 drivers were inspected with breath-analyser, two of which showed positive results (1 car driver and 1 motorcyclist). In the case of bus and truck drivers there were no drunk-drivers.

The most significant speed limit exceed was committed by the driver of a Ukranian Mercedes, who drove his car with 205 km/h instead of 130 km/h on the Hajdú-Bihar county section of the M3 highway. For this he will be punished with an administrative fine of 90.000 forints.


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