The wolf that came from Switzerland is roaming around Budapest

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Previously, it was spotted in Vértes, but the wolf, which started from Switzerland, is now roaming in the southern Buda agglomeration, the nature conservation group Gruppe Wolf Schweiz told

The wolf with the code number M237 is in the Budapest area, but according to the organization, the movement of the animal has slowed down. The Hungarian nature conservation authorities were also informed of its movements.

“The wolf has been in the South Buda agglomeration for two weeks, but we don’t expect it to stay in this area for a long time. During the day, it stays in its hiding place far from the hiking spots,”

– said Gergely Kálmán, communications officer of the Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate.

He added that the wolf specifically avoids humans, is afraid of them, and is extremely careful when walking in areas between settlements. The attack of a wild wolf on a human is not known in Europe, and such a case has never occurred in Hungary either.

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