Criminal suit of the slicing murderer continues

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Courthouse of Debrecen continues the criminal suit of the slicing murderer. According to the prosecution, the defendant killed and sliced an old woman in January 2010, then beat an old man to death.

The prosecution says that the defendant was an undertenant in 2010. He could not pay the rent so he robbed and killed a 75 years old woman next door. He sliced the corpse into pieces, and took them into different places.

A few days later the landlord came home from Germany, who was also killed by the defendant. The Police caught the man in Oroszlány. He confessed both killings.

The criminal suit continued today morning with the trial of witnesses, the review of police records and the inspection of police video recordings.

Gyula Zsolt R. defendant had confessed the killings earlier, and then he withdrew his statement.

The Courthouse asked the statement of account from a bank, which did not support the transactions mentioned in the indictment.

The next criminal suit will be on 8 March, when more documents and witnesses will be trialed.



Photo: Attila Török

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