Public Transportation and Parking Prices in 2013

Local News

Public transportation is getting more expensive…

From the 1st January public transportation in Debrecen is getting more expensive by 3,2% on average.

A single ticket (bought in advance) costs 300 Huf, while the same ticket costs 400 Huf if purchasedon the vehicle from the driver.

A combined monthly ticket (for bus, tram and trolleybus) costs 6500 Huf, while the same for students is 3600 Huf and for parents’ with small child it is 3590.

A supplementary combined monthly ticket can be purchased by 4000 Huf by those passengers who have valid long-distance monthly tickets for VOLÁN bus lines (buses running between 2 towns, in rural areas) or for MÁV (railway) lines.

The cost of parking is increased as well by 6%: in the priority areas an hour of parking is 440, in I. areas it is 340 Huf, in II. areas it is 180 Huf, in underground parking garages it is 280 Huf.



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