Summary of 10 December

Local News Police

Two men were taken into detention because of fighting at the Railway Station of Debrecen. A procedure was initiated against the 34 and 40 years old men on the reasonable suspicion of truculence.

A man was taken under control at Nemzetőr Street, Debrecen. During the control it turned out, that the Town Court of Debrecen issued a warrant of apprehension against him; the Police took him into detention.

A 57 years old man was helped out by the patrols of Debrecen. The man behaved strangely, he was walking without a coat. He was taken to his home by the Police.

A 23 years old homeless man asked for help at the Police Station, as he was afraid of being sick and freeze to death. The Police called the ambulance, by which the man was taken to the hospital.


Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar County

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