Changes in Wizz Air Flight Schedule

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Instead of Monday, Wednesday and Friday Debrecen-London flights operate on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

 On 18 June the first Debrecen-London flights were launched. However, after 3 months of operation the schedule is now modified.

 The changes entered into force on 18 September. In addition to the change of the days, departure times should be observed too. So far, the planes took of at 10:10 in the morning, while from now the Tuesday flight departs at 11:30, Thursday and Sunday ones at 18:55.

 The changes are due to technical reasons. The whole network of Wizz Air flights is changed, which affects the Debrecen flights too.

 It is difficult to assess if the change is favourable or not. The 18.55 departure time seems late, since the flying time is 3 hours and half an hour more to get to London from Luton. With time difference passengers can win an hour, but it will be at least half past nine in the night to arrive at the accommodation. However, those who want to spend a long-weekend in London can spend the entire Friday with sightseeing.

 Passengers travelling from London to Debrecen can book their tickets for the same days; Tuesday’s flight departs at 7:20, Thursday’s and Sunday’s at 14:45.

 As the flight departure times are changed so is the schedule of the local buses between the city and the airport. The buses run from Doberdó Street at 9:20 on Tuesday, at 16:40 on Thursday and Sunday. From the airport they leave at 11:30 on Tuesday, 18:55 on Thursday and Sunday.


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