Over Against the Traffic

Local News Police

A woman was driving against the traffic for 26 kilometres on Wednesday. She was caught by the police near Debrecen.

According to the available information, the woman turned up to the highway M35 on the wrong side, however she did not notice it. A minor accident was also caused by her in Debrecen-Józsa.

A truck was overtaken by a car, when the woman in her white Suzuki showed up in the same nearside. Miraculously the three vehicles did not collide. No one got hurt, although the man’s car bumped into a bar. After the accident, the woman drive away in the wrong lane. She was caught near Debrecen, in the exit lane of Ondód by the police.

A procedure was initiated against the woman, who explained her behaviour by the followings: “there was no traffic, so I could not notice I drove in the wrong lane”.

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