“Anthrax” Envelopes Were Found Again

Local News Police

Duty of the police received an announcement that a postman found two anthrax envelopes in a mailbox on Szent Anna street, Debrecen.

The examination on the spot was made by the criminal department of the police. Public Health Administrative Department of Hajdú-Bihar County Government Office was informed about the case.

The spot, the mailbox and the letters are secured by the police, the postal matters will be delivered to their addressees.

A criminal procedure was launched by the police, in a reasonable suspicion of menace of danger to the public.

Background Information:

Criminal law

Menace of danger to the public:

1) – someone who affirms a false fact that disturbs public calmness with an event, causing menace of danger to the public
– disturbing public calmness with the facade of the actual happening of menace of danger to the public,

commits a crime and punishable with two years of imprisonment.

2) three years of imprisonment, if the described crime in 1) is made with radioactive material
3) punishment in the case of 1) is three years, in the case of 2) is five years of imprisonment, if the menace of danger to the public has disturbed public calmness severely.


Éva Kelemen, p. first lieutenant
Press Spokesperson of Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar County

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