The Design of the New Stadium is Revealed

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The design of the new stadium of Nagyerdő Debrecen was revealed on a press conference on Friday by Lajos Kósa, mayor of Debrecen and László Papp deputy mayor. The licence plans will be presented on the second week of August by NSR Ltd.

The conception has not changed since its spring revelation; a ramp is needed to enter the stadium, that is a specification of the UEFA, the audience and pedestrians must be separated. The Punter Pond will be ceased, in the right place of it there will be a so-called haze theatre, under the pond an underground car park. Those who would like to punter, can go to the renewed Békás Pond, according to the plans.

The ramp can be used not only for walking but for running. Trees will not be cut out because of the ramp, they will be built into the construction of it. There will also be two conference rooms in the stadium, one for 150 people, one for 1400 people. Besides, other entertaining rooms are planned, such as a restaurant, a Loki-shop, fitness room. Weddings are also welcomed to take place in the stadium.

The designers of the stadium are conciliating with the organizers of Campus Festival. The establishment are about to be adequate, inside and outside, to hold the festival there in the future years. Lajos Kósa said that the dogcatchers are ardently against this plan, however according to the members of the local government “it would be too luxurious to use the complex only for football”.

The stadium will have five storeys with four blocks of changing rooms. The biggest of these will belong to Loki, with massage and showers.

There will be 38 gates to enter a establishment; on the East side a family sector is planned. The number of rest rooms for men and women will be the same.

By the end of September the licence plans will be sealed, meanwhile the tender plans will also be finished. László Papp, deputy mayor of Debrecen said that “if everything goes according to the plans, the arena will be built by the spring of 2014”.



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