DEKOM dog Naska saves life again

Local News

Naska, the English bloodhound, member of the University of Debrecen Special Medical and Rescue Team (DEKOM) was on duty last night. He saved the life of a missing young person near Balmazújváros.

The 20 year old girl wandered away from an institute for disabled people. The DEKOM team arrived on the scene with 3 jeeps and 7 people. They started to look for the missing girl together with associates of the local police station and civil guards, who formed a group of about 50. After sniffing a small pillow case, the dog led the team to a forest area. At 2 am., the thick shrubbery and the darkness forced them to have a few hours break, but at around 5 am., they restarted the search. At 5.20 am., the search party handed the girl over to the professionals of the local ambulance service safe and sound. As it turned out, her rescuers were only about 30 meters from her earlier at night but she was probably sleeping, unaware of the stir around her, and the searchers couldn’t see her in the darkness either.



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