Sidibe: “I haven’t come back to Debrecen to cool down.”

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Fans used to call him stick-man because of his tall, thin physique. Ibrahima Sidibe has now returned to Debrecen and he promises to gladden his favourite audience again.

At the interview he gave to on 22 June, Sidibe said that it was partly nostalgic feelings, partly financial problems at both of his Belgian teams that made him return to Debrecen. He explained that belonging to a club that has always been financially stable gives him the feeling of security as it allows him to take care about his wife and 19-month old daughter and to concentrate on playing instead of money problems. He admitted, though, that playing in Belgium had its advantages: he could learn a lot about tactics and the right mindset and he became more experienced in general.

He also said he didn’t agree with those who say that he and Adamo Coulibaly can’t play at the same time as they play football in a similar style. He believes there are lots of differences between himself and Adamo which makes it possible for them to play together. He answered the question regarding his physical condition with the following words: “There won’t be any problem with my fitness level, as there never have been and, luckily, I’m not especially vulnerable either. As I’ve said earlier, I’ve become a complex player by now and I’d like to prove it to the audience who I always remember fondly. I can promise one thing: I haven’t come back to Debrecen to cool down.”


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