Four accidents – 4 severely, 1 mortally wounded

Local News Police

Four major accidents happened in Hajdú-Bihar County last Sunday.  Five people got seriously injured, one of them died later in hospital.

Attila Ratku, head of the regional ambulance service reported to MTI that a car had fallen off an overpass on highway 42. A 53-year old Romanian man suffered deadly chest and head injuries and died later in hospital. Two other people in the same car were also seriously injured.

Near Debrecen, a motorbike collided with a bus. The rider suffered major injuries. So did another motorbike rider, who ha d a crash with a car in Szotyori Street, Debrecen.

At the Józsa exit of highway M35, two cars ran into each other. One person got injured in the accident.

Source: MTI

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