Unbelievable invention: transformer bike

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The Debrecen inventor Róbert Nagy did a great job. He invented the transformer bike that can be folded, put into a handbag and carried on an airplane as hand luggage.

“Many people say that it’s impossible to fold a normal sized bike into 50x30x16 centimeters. Several people have tried but the size of the wheels was too small, just like that of a child’s bike. I thought a lot about this and I found the solution when my son, Benedek was watching the movie Transformers.” – related the inventor to HajduPress. “I figured that if I apply the same technique as they use when producing fishing rods, I might succeed. I made a collapsible frame, which can be folded in a second. I thought about using an aluminum, a Kevlar or a carbon frame so that the whole thing would weigh less than 5 kilograms.” He solved the wheel problem by making wheels that consist of 5 segments. He added: “I wanted to create a vehicle that doesn’t cost much and can be convenient for anyone. If you work in another town, you can go there by train and then take the bike from your bag and cycle to you workplace. You don’t need to use a car and it won’t be stolen while you are working.”Of course, Róbert has patented the invention.

Source: hajdupress.hu

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