Debrecen students prove to be the most energy-intelligent designers

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István Komár, architect student at the University of Debrecen has won the first prize of the “Save Earth’s Energy!” architectural design contest organized by the Magyar Energia Hivatal (Hungarian Energy Office).

It was also students at the Faculty of Engineering who won the second prize of the contest. The task of the applicants was to design the sustainable renovation and extension of an existing residential building of their own choice or the ecological architectural solutions of a modern apartment building. Competition entries were submitted from the most significant architect training higher education institutions of the country. The jury awarded money for the makers of the 3 best plans at the announcement of results in the Budapest headquarters of the Hungarian Energy Office.


1 thought on “Debrecen students prove to be the most energy-intelligent designers

  1. Dear Debrecen Sun!
    I would like you to post a summary about electricity production in debrecen. In Hungary it is mostly nuclear, now in Debrecen i read about the sun energy project. But dams provide the safiest source and now that the university of Debrecen has engineering studies, researches and projects as well; i guess there can be further help on this. Please also post releases on other energy uses and it’s making and about other infrastructure items and industry from university researches and what’s present in the city so far. Thank you in advance

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