Training kitchen opened in MHSC

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A special training room has been opened in the Institute of Internal Medicine , MSHC, the first one of its kind in Hungary. With the help of the Dietetic Service associates, not only the students and the health professionals but also the patients can learn about the practical methods of healing-preventive eating.

It is a known fact that primary and secondary prevention is a key component of a healthy lifestyle and diet. Recognizing this is essential for patients. A very useful complementary tool of patient education is the training kitchen where patients can learn more about kitchen technology, what is more, they can get information on the actual nutritional statuses of their bodies due to the modern educational tools and programmes. The patients can try healthy recipes, get to know new kitchen technologies and learn about spices of different flavours and beneficial effects. Even family members can be involved, which might support primary prevention in the families.

Learning about modern food production methods will be integrated into the curriculum for the general medical students so that later, as practicing physicians, they might consciously seek to change the dietary habits of patients, as an integral part of the therapies. During the sessions in the training kitchen, the dietitians of the Dietetic Service will assist the students in selecting raw materials and foods of high quality, in choosing the appropriate kitchen technology processes, in composing diets on demand and in writing dietary diaries. Food demonstrations, tasting and cooking lessons will also be organized in the special training rooms which were opened on 11 June.



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