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Earlier, we gave news of the event called Turkey Days. Now you can read some more information about it.

If you are not familiar with the popular Hungarian folk song starting “We should go to Debrecen and eat turkey cock” (or even if you are), you definitely have to go the Debrecen’s biggest open-air culinary festival, the Turkey Days held between 9th and 10th June this year.

 The first Turkey Days was organised in 2003 with the aim to create a festival that brings closer local traditions to people (Debrecen was for long a market town where domestic animals and craftsman’s products were sold) and that is a good occasion at the same time to have a good meal in the open air at a pleasant summer weekend.

 The Turkey Days has grown into one of the region’s biggest festivals visited not only by locals but by more and more tourists as well.

Today the festival is not only about tasting and eating traditional local dishes made of turkey. The two-day programme includes craftsmen’s fair, wine-yard, and stage performances by popular Hungarian singers, bands, local dance and theatrical companies. A special event every year is the passing out of Wine Knights held in the Big Reformed Church.

Those who are willing can take part in the cooking competitions, announced for professionals and amateurs as well.

Good atmosphere, pleasant smells and tastes are guaranteed.

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