Loki: loss-making but a champion at least

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The year 2011 was not favourable for the leading Hungarian football clubs since even Debreceni VSC, a club that has been operating profitably for years, ended 2011 with a loss of 200 million forints.

In 2011, Loki wasn’t too successful in the league, what’s more, the year-end report showed negative figures. In 2011, the revenues of the club fell by 5% as compared to 2010. In 2011, Loki „earned” 213.2 million forints, mostly from advertising services and television rights. „Only” 43.1 million came from ticket sales. In the same year, there was a brutal increase in personnel costs. The club paid wage costs of 161.3 for a total of 49 professional athletes. Adding previous personnel costs, the total amount of personnel costs in 2011 was 256.2 million forints.

Taking everything into account, Loki had a loss of 227 million forints in 2011. It seems that the financial situation will improve a lot this year.

Source: mfor.hu

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