Plans of suburban railway development presented

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The feasibility study of Debrecen’s suburban railway development has been elaborated and was presented by the designers in the City Hall on Monday.

Deputy Mayor Zoltán Pajna said they intended to increase the importance of rail transportation in order to shorten travel times in Debrecen’s agglomeration of 450 thousand. In the first phase of the long-term project railways, stops, platforms will be constructed. Connecting the airport of Debrecen with the rail transportation and setting up a railway connection between Debrecen and Oradea are also among the plans.

The feasibility study of the railway connections between Debrecen and the surrounding settlements has been made by a consortium of three. The plans include so-called tram-train solutions, which means that even trains could go on the tram lines inside the city and, in turn, trams could travel on the railways, too, thereby connecting Debrecen to the surrounding settlements. The new system would enable passengers coming from, for example, the town of Hajdúszoboszló to get off the vehicles in the city center of Debrecen. The execution of the plans can start in 2014, after the next EU budget period.

Source: MTI

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