Celebration of Peacekeepers

Local News

On 18 May, Bocskai Brigade held a wreathing ceremony in the Peacekeepers’ Park.   The above mentioned Peacekeepers’ Park was created on the area of Kossuth Barracks in May, 2010. Since then, soldiers of the Bocskai Brigade and invited guests pay their respects for for the soldiers doing missionary tasks thousands of kilometers away from here.

Like Brigadier dr. Gábor Böröndy told in the ceremony, peacekeepers are the last hope for people who have been suffering from war and cruelty for decades. They are soldiers who accomplish their mission even at the peril of their lives. The enwreathed headboard in the park spread their heroism.

Members of Bocskai Brigade have been contributing in peacekeeping missions since the 1990’s; now they serve at 3 contingents: at KFOR in Kosovo, and at PRT and OMLT in Afghanistan.

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