No open-air baths open yet

Local News

Although this long weekend sees the breaking of temperature records and we have real summer weather, the open-air baths of Debrecen are not open yet. If you want to enjoy pools and sunshine, you have to travel to Hajdúszoboszló or even further.  Despite the summer hot, the operator of Aquaticum is waiting for “really nice weather”; the planned date of opening of the outdoor pools is 19 May. Pools are being renovated and mechanical equipment is being checked these days.
As the director of the bathing center informed, the long-planned development and renovation can be done for the next season; they are working on some tender issues that would make it possible.

The other traditional bath of Debrecen, the Kerekestelepi Spa and Swimming Pool is in the middle of a 50 million HUF worth investment of extension and development which will not be ready in the next 3 weeks. According to their website, the planned time of re-opening is 2 June, 2012.

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