Patients can recover in biosphere-rooms in Debrecen

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Those suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases and from psoriasis can regain health in so called biosphere-rooms in the Medical and Health Sciences Center in Debrecen.

István Altorjai, associate professor, head of the gastroenterology department explained that inflammatory bowel diseases could rarely be cured permanently but with the appropriate treatment, patients could be made asymptomatic for months and the chances of recurrence could be reduced significantly. A new method in the treatment is biology therapy which might counteract pro-inflammatory substances. In 50-60% of the cases the biology therapy is clearly much more efficient than previously applied methods. The therapy can be carried out only in the designated centers such as the one found in the Medical and Health Sciences Center where the infusion treatments are provided in the newly built, comfortable, patient-friendly biosphere-rooms.

The biosphere-rooms are very promising even when it comes to treating psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory disease causing visible symptoms mainly on the skin. The disease is very common in Hungary; about 200.000 people suffer from it. The patients are treated in the same patient-friendly environment in the new rooms.

Source: MTI

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