Hungarian painting masterpieces return to Vienna after 130 years

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From Friday on, the Viennese audiences will be able to see the Munkácsy-trilogy as the masterpieces are going to be exhibited in Künstlerhaus again, after 130 years. The gallery expects at least 25-30 visitors.

Nearly 80.000 people in Pécs and 250.000 in Budapest went to see the Munkácsy-trilogy in the last two years. The monumental artworks have been taken to Vienna to an exhibition presenting the oeuvre of the great Hungarian painter. The exhibition is going to be held in Künstlerhaus, one of the largest galleries in Europe. Right when Mihály Munkácsy presented them for the first time 130 years ago, in 1882. The gallery has dealt with only contemporary art recently so the organizers are excited about the audience’s reception of the Munkácsy paintings.  The exhibition opens on Friday night. The gallery expects at least 25-30.000 interested ones who can see the works of art until 3 June. After that, the paintings are going to return to Debrecen and are going to be exhibited in Déri Museum again.


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