Year of Hungarian folk dance in Hajdú-Bihar county

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2012 is the year of Hungarian folk dance in Hajdú-Bihar county. This year, great emphasis will be placed on folk musicians and folk dancers throughout the county.    Like Zsolt Jantyik, assistant director of Méliusz Library said, the apropo for the series of programmes is the 40th anniversary of the kickoff of the Hungarian “folk dance house” movement on one hand, and in the other hand the fact that the Hungarian folk dance teaching method has been added to the UNESCO register of the best methods for preserving intellectual cultural heritage.

The series of programmes started in Nagyrábé by an art meeting on 28 January, 2012 and will be closed in Debrecen by a gala in December. Between these two events there will be 2-3 programmes organized every month.
The organizers are waiting for the application of dance gropus and bands for the programmes, that they can do on the website of Méliusz library.

The first “folk dance house” event was held in Budapest in 1972, when Hungarian dancers performed dances learnt in Transylvania. Debrecen first organized such an event in 1974. Since then, Debrecen and the county have become “capitals” of folk dance.

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