Police catch young threatener

Local News Police

The signs led the detectives to a 21-year old man who said that the bomb alert was a source of fun for him.

On 9 February, a newspaper editor notified the police about having received an e-mail in which an unknown person announced that bombs would explode in the train station and the bus station in Debrecen. The ensuing search affected 170 passengers and 110 workers at the train station, 400 passengers and 40 workers at the bus station and no bomb was found in either places.

The search for the unknown perpetrator started and ended in less than two weeks, due to the hard work and efforts made by the detectives. The signs led to a 21-year old man from Hajdúsámson who was interrogated by the police and he admitted that he was the threatener. He gave no explanation; he only said he had wanted to have fun. The damages caused might be tens of millions of forints and the threatener might get up to 10 years in prison.

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