Hotel Aranybika on offer for the tenth time

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Financial difficulties force Cívis Hotel Zrt. to try to sell Aranybika, however, prospective buyers aren’t solicitous to lay their hands on it.

The time limit for submitting the ninth tender has expired recently but no prospective buyer showed up even though the price of the hotel has decreased significantly: in November, 2010 the put-up price was 2.1 billion forints while it’s for sale for 1 billion 350 million forints at present. The liquidator has already issued the next invitation to tender but didn’t alter the price. The furnishings and the works of art are also for sale, for 30-30 million forints each. According to the law, the litigation process can last for two years which, in the case of Aranybika, will end on 2 June, 2012. After this deadline, the hotel must be offered to creditors.


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