Japanese Wakizashi stolen from the museum

Local News Police

As the spokesman of Hajdú-Bihar County Police informed the press, a doorman of Déri Musem has stolen a Japanese sword that is worth about a million HUF. The man has been caught, and the artifact has also been found.On 8 January, a collector turned to the police saying that he had found a sword advertised ont he internet which he thought to had belonged to the museum. The personnel of the museum looked after it in the warehouse of the museum undergoing renovation and found that the Wakizashi Japanese sword of the Edo period was really missing.
The detectives then traced down that a 28-year old doorman had stolen it, then sold to a man for 30 000 HUF, who then later exchanged it for artifacts of 70 000 HUF worth at a local antique dealer. The police found the stolen sword in the dealer’s flat, so he’s charged with receiving, while the doorman of the museum has to face the charge of embezzlement.

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