Local government would support regional tourism

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According to the decision made on their Thursday assembly, the self-government of Debrecen would support the propagation of Észak-Alföld tourist region with a yearly subsidy of 100 000 euros.  The representatives of the local government also talked about the statement of the State Audit Office examining the financial situation of Debrecen.
As part of supporting the tourism of the region, the operators of the Airport of Debrecen are negotiating about having scheduled, low-cost flights from Debrecen to various European destinations.

The assembly also decided to launch a tenders on the renovation of temporary shelters for families and the child protection institutions and residential homes for children in temporary shelters.
The meeting also discussed the State Audit Office report made ​​the financial situation of Debrecen as well. The report did not reveal or identify any irregularities, though Mayor Lajos Kosa has found some “professional shortcomings” in the report.
According to Jobbik, the local governments is totally indebted, while the Hungarian Socialist Party regards the debts od the holding company as a problematic thing.

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