Anniversary: Debrecen’s art cinema celebrates 100

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Apollo Cinema, Debrecen’s only art cinema just turned 100. On this occasion, Károly Zoltai’s film entitled Debrecen was played in the cinema on Thursday after which Zoltai’s photo exhibition was opened in the lounge of the cinema.Károly Zoltai was the reporter-cameraman of the Magyar Televízió TV Híradója for 23 years. He reported both in Debrecen and Moscow. Poet and journalist József Bényei described his works as works of art that focus on man, be they politicians, children, old people, Hortobágy shepherds or Mongolian famers. Tamás Szentei, head of the cultural department in the mayor’s office said in connection with the anniversary that he found it important “to preserve these decade-old values”.

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