Football: the Autumn season is over

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This weekend saw on of the last matches of Soproni Liga (“Soproni League”) in the autumn season.

In the closing match of the15th turning of "Soproni Liga" on Saturday, the "Loki" played against the
"Szombathelyi Haladás" and gained a one-goal victory. László Rezes scored the victorious goal
in the twentieth minute.

As a result of this, the team of DVSC-TEVA is still unbeaten, and has won the autumn season
with 37 points. The second-place Gy?ri ETO has obtained 34 points.The seasonal statistics of the team: 11 victories, 4 draws and no defeat.
Though the autmun season is officially over, there will be two more additional rounds, brought forward from the spring season.

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