Improvement of Hungarian-Hungarian cross-border connections

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Last weekend saw a conference on Hungarian-Romanian cross-border connection. It was organized in the Agricultural Center of the University of Debrecen; among others, László T?kés, Calvinist bishop and vice-president of the European Parliament gave a talk.

As he told, he sees fantasy in the improvement of cross-border connections because co-operation can bring increase not only in the ethnic rate but also in the possibilities for economic development. This can raise the living standards of all Hungarian people.
T?kés also called the attention to the fact that fewer and fewer Transylvanian people declare themselves Hungarians. According to him, the task is to renew and strengthen the Hungarian national identity in a way that it would not hurt any of the other parties. What everybody needs is co-operation with common interests and values. If it will not be solved, according to T?kés’s words, we all will remain captives of parallel or opponent worlds that cannot mett and build the European future. In his opinion, the national policy of the European Union creates only a frame that should be filled with contents by the individual nations. Nothing will change by itself; Hungarian-Hungarian relationship can be strengthened by hard work.
An example of the co-operation is the common education of Partium Christian University in Oradea (Nagyvárad) and the Agricultural Center of the Universityof Debrecen.

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