University of Debrecen and Oradea (Nagyvárad): Common Project

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The Medicine Center of University of Debrecen and the Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty of the University of Oradea (Nagyvárad) have an EU project in common. Due to this, Romanian oncologists can come to courses, while Romanian cancer patients get free treatment in Debrecen till December 2012.

The Department of Radiotherapy in Debrecen and the Department of Oncology of Oradea have a common EU tender (with the value of 2000000 HUF) to improve the treatment of cancer people in the transborder Bihar County.
During the project, doctors, physicists, medical students and assistants can attend modern radiotherapy courses in Debrecen. The material of the courses are provided in audiovisual and printed format.
The patients who can come to treatments will be chosen by a local group of specialists, and the preparations, examinations and the treatment itselfwill be performed in the Department of Radiotherapy in Debrecen.
According to the information of Kolozsvár Chronicle, about 1200 Romanian patients will be treated freely in Debrecen.
According to MTI information, Nagyvárad is also planning to have an oncology center after December 2012. They would like to install a modern linear particle accelerator. With this, the recovery range can increase by 20-30 percents.
The doctors of the oncology in Debrecen treat the Romanian patients in their overtime. The patients can get to Debrecen together with the help of a foundation. The treatment of 80 patients from Nagyvárad has already begun in Debrecen.

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