Discussion about monuments in Debrecen

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The city preotection and beautifying association of Debrecen had a colloquy about the architecture values of Debrecen in the county library.

The introductory presentation was held by Ferenc Gellér, architect. A he said, Debrecen has been famous for its "monument destructive" feature since the 70’s. He said, it was a mistake to settle poor and roister-doister families into the historical Downtown, as they have ruined the houses, then the city government left themalone, and of course, they were unable to modernize and renovate their houses. That’s why the historical Downtown is in such a bad state.
He also talked about present-day duality of the townscape: the historical, agricultural-style is being annexed by the modern metropolis style. According to his opinion, new, modern buildings are not necessarily bad – but the old, historical, classic style should also be preserved.
During the discussion, individual citizens could tell their opinions, as well as representatives of civil organizations. Many agreed that in Debrecen, political interest are more important than monument protection.
The discussion continues tomorrow, i.e. on 28 September in Méliusz Juhász Péter County Library and Community Centre in Bem Square.

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