World Day of Tourism in Debrecen

Local News

On the occassion of this special day the Debrecen és Hortobágy Turizmusáért Egyesület (”Debrecen and Hortobágy Tourism Association”) offers tourists services at a preferential price.

On 27 September, interested ones will be able to take tours at a discounted price with tour guides in Debrecen. The starting point of the tours will be the information pavilion in Kossuth Square; the tours start at 10 am., 2 pm. and 4 pm. Starting at 10 am. and 1 pm. from the Hortobágy National Park Visitor Center, tours are going to bring visitors around the park. 4 bicycles in Debrecen, 2 in Hortobágy will be at tourists’ service. The bikes are equipped with GPS and voice guide (available in Hungarian, English and German). The renting will be free of charge. There will be many other discounts and novelties.

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