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On 14 August, MTI published some information on the Roma assassinations, the presumed perpetrators, their connection to the operator of Perényi1 Music Club and the club itself. Some of these pieces of information were false – Éva Fehérné Nyalka, the club operator, and lover of one of the suspected has asked for correction. MTI published the corrigendum on 22 September.

First of all, Éva denies to have had any interview with anybody from the MTI. She finds the mentioned MTI report one-sided and disbelieving.
Perényi 1 Music Club has become famous because of Roma assassination: the supposed perpetrators had been caught there during a Friday night party.
Opposing to the MTI report, it is not a disco, but a music club; it has not gone to bankruptcy: they have free concerts every summer, as the most famous banda re playing on festivals. This is the simple reason for their absence and the free concerts in the club. She has no information on any of her colleagues being afraid.
The club has a new operator since 1 July, and has its name changed: it is Underground music club now.

Éva denies the truth of the MTI information, that at the night of the raid, the police arrested 4 people icluded her; she says that 5 people were taken, and she was not one of them.

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