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They are available at 21 Hatvani István Street,in the Home Equity office.The prices of the notes are negotiable.

Call 06-20-333-85-98

An Introduction to Genetic Analysis, Anthony J. F. Griffiths, 1993 (4900 HUF)
Atlas of Histopathology, Zoltán Nemes, 1998 (1000 HUF)
Atlas of Human Anatomy,Ed: R. Putz , 2000 (6000 HUF)
Basics of Latin Medical Terminology, László Répás, 2009
Basic Pathology, Kumar Cotran Robbins, 1997 (3400 HUF)
Biochemistry, Pamela C. Champe, Richard A. Harvey, 1994 (2000 Ft)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology III. Cell and Organ Biochem. Ed: László Fésüs, 2002
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II. Metabolism Ed: László Fésüs, 2001 (2db)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I. Mol. Bio., Ed: László Fésüs, 1999 (2 db)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I. Mol. Bio., Ed: László Fésüs, 2004
Biochemistry Practical Guide, 2005
Biochemistry Practical Guide, 2006
Clinical Chemistry, William J. Marshall, 1992 (2500 HUF)
Core Text of Neuroanatomy, Malcolm B. Carpenter, 1991 (2300 HUF)
English Program Bulletin Faculty of Medicine, 2007-2008
Exercise Book, Department of Physiology, 2005
Exercise Book, Department of Physiology, 2006
Gynecology, Avi Sayag
Histology, Michael H. Ross, 1995 (1500 HUF)
Laboratory Practicals in Medical Chemistry, Péter Bai, 2007
Lecture Notes in Neurobiology , Jarle André Unes, 1999
Lépésenként magyarul, Durst Péter, 2002 (1000 HUF)
Lépésenként magyarul, Durst Péter, 2004 (1000 HUF)
Neuroanatomy, William DeMyer, 1988
Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, István Sziklai, 1998
Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, Tarek Saleh Jamal, 2006
Physiological Practice, Department of Physiology, 2005
Practicals in Laboratory Medicine, János Kappelmayer, 2006 (2db)
Tabeller och formler för NV-programmet, 1997
Anatomy Minimals
Backbone structures
Biochemistry of the Nervous System
Carbonic Acids and their Derivatives, Chem. seminar
Cardiovascular disease The topics of oral test 1st Semester 2005/2006
Cell Biology
Cell Bio, Cytoskeleton, key words
Cellular neurophysiology
Crash Course on Hungarian , 2002
Ethers, sulfur containing compounds, aldehydes, ketones and quiones, chem. lecture
Family Medicine, Multiple Choice Questions/Type I. (2 db)
Final Exam, Written Test for Medical Students, 2008 (2 db)
Final Exam, Written Test for Medical Students, 2009 (2 db)
First Dissection, Meninges and Subarachnoid Cisterns…
General Introduction to the Nervous System, Neurohistogenesis and Neurohistology
Gynaecology Titles (2db)
Higher CNS functions & the ANS
Lecture Notes in Neurobiology, Jarle André Unes, 1999
Molecular Biology, 2003
Neuroanatomy Questions for SCT
Neuroanamtomy, S. David Gertz,
Neurobiology, Avi Sayag
Neurological Emergencies, László Csiba, 2004
Neurology, True-False Questions (2db)
Nomenclature of Alkynes
Organic Chemistry The Study of Carbon Compounds
Organic Halogen Compounds
Organic Nitrogen Compounds
Pulmonology Titles, Jim Martin&Melanie Lachman, 2001
Saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons (2 db)
Surgical Treatment of Euthyroid Goiter
Question and Answers (Neurology), 2006
The Genetic Code of Genes and Genomes
The Human Brain and Spinal Cord, Lennard Heimer, 1995
Titles for Haematology and Haemostaseology 5th year
Titles in Haematology, 2008
Transmission Genetics (Mendel& beyond), András Penyige
USMLE Step 2, Pediatric Notes

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