Beware of scalpers

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75 season tickets to Campus Festival have disappeared from a ticket sales point. Their value is nearly 1 million HUF. Anyone who tries to use one of the stolen season tickets will be excluded from the festival.

It’s worth buying tickets only at the official distribution sites. Last year, more than 120 people wanted to go to the Campus Festival using counterfeit tickets or wristbands. They all said they had bought the tickets from private entities, which means that although they acted in good faith, they made a big mistake.
Chief organizer Péter Miklósvölgyi said: “We are able to recognize counterfeit tickets for the first touch so I strongly recommend that everybody buy tickets to the festival only at the official sites, from the designated distributors.”
It is not only fake tickets that are problematic. 75 season tickets have disappeared from a ticket sales point. Should anyone go to the festival with one of these, they will not be able to enter, as the season tickets (number 001876-001900, 002376-002400, 002401-002425) have been invalidated.

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