Great Forest receives more attention

Local News

Debrecen – The Great Forest Association wants to reopen the outdoor theatre and wants guards to maintain a nice environment. The civic body said that the stage could be refurbished at low costs.

Graffiti and bird droppings everywhere, you could say it is a strange contrast to the protected local park forest. Thewooden benchesare full withgraffitiand some of the playground playthings arevandalized. The Association`s idea is not only to guard the Great Forest area but to provide information to the public. Csaba Aradi municipal commissioner of the Great Forest Development Programme agrees with these goals.

The Open Air Theatre had no events since 2004. Its status has been constantly deteriorating. The government called for tenders in vain: theycould not find tenants. It would be great to reuse the facility to prevent it from the further depreciation. The association holds regular public forums to work together with local citizens and local authorities to seek solutions to the renewal of the facilities. These also provide suggestions to the municipality.

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