Slack season in student work

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Students work in Aquaticum all year round. Noemi Orban, for example has been doing this for 5 years. She says she is happy about it because this way she doesn’t depend on her parents.

“I’m glad that I can work besides studying. My salary covers my school fees and my pocket money. The working hours are flexible, too so I can go to my classes.”- says Noemi.
Anita Botos has also been working there as a student for several years. For her, this job is the means of living. I don’t work in order to be able to buy clothes or go on holidays but because I’m self-supporting. This job is good because I work when I want to and this way I can take my exams, too.” – Anita related to local DTV.
In Debrecen, there are nearly a dozen student associations most of which offer jobs for students all the year. A worker of one of these associations (Furge Diak) said that in the winter, fewer students work. While they can provide jobs for as many as 1000 students in summer, right now they have 200 clients. According to Adrienn Racz it’s because fewer students want to work and also because most of the agricultural work is done in summer.
The Schonherz School Association finds job for about 350 students a month. 80 per cent of the students here works all year. At this place, students can do mainly intellectual work, like finance, marketing and informatics. Istvan Lovas, leader of the association said that there are certain jobs that only few students apply for. For example, there is a lack of foreign language speaking students and mechanical engineers. Several companies would employ practitioners in these fields.

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  1. Can I as a prospective chemical engineering student to the university get a job offer when I arrive, or do I have to learn the hungarian language before

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