Discussions about researches in fishing

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An important task of the university and the Hungarian Aquaculture Association (MASZ) is to support communication between research and practice.

There is an ongoing dispute between the economic participants of the fishing sector and the researchers: the former say that the researches are not being made according to the needs of the sector, the latter says the sector is not receptive to new things and is not able to use the latest R&D results. Researchers also point out that they have to look ahead and make researches in areas that are not specifically useful for the production sector now. It’s not easy to agree but it’s still important for the researchers and the practitioners to understand each other because, after all, the goals are common.
It’s a problem on the international level as well that R&D results often don’t get as far as innovation and they aren’t put into practice. The researchers’ part ends with the publication of the results and it’s up to the production sector if it wants to make use of them. Steps are taken on a European level to solve this problem. The research and production sectors are encouraged to cooperate in the development of a fishing research strategy and find financial resources.
To further matters, the University of Debrecen, MASZ and AGTC organized an interactive workshop entitled “What the Hungarian fishing sector expects of research” in which the representatives of both the research and the production sector will participate. The event was held on 11 February in Debrecen, in the Agricultural Center.

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