Rachel Binder Appearance on Side Hustlers Show

Rachel Binder, the sommelier and creator of Pomare’s Stolen Perfume, will appear on Side Hustlers, a show produced by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine and hosted by entrepreneurs Ashley Graham and Emma Grede. 

Tune in as she presents her concept of scaling natural perfume production using regenerative farming practices and fermentation, utilizing her unique patent-pending method to create whole ingredient, living perfumes.
“Working as a wine director and sommelier, I have been fortunate to taste and smell incredible wines from all over the world. This reinforced my passion for terroir and desire to celebrate regional and seasonal differences in natural perfume ingredients.
In wine and perfume I believe in small production with as little intervention as possible. I think that nature has plenty to say if we are willing to listen and get out of the way. My goal is to showcase beautiful ingredients that offer aromatherapeutic benefits to the wearer that bloom on the skin with a soft graciousness.”  – telling the story the celebrity perfume maker on her website.
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