What to export from Debrecen to Cameroon?



On Wednesday (11th July), the Hajdu-Bihar County Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cameroon, Marie-Catherine Ngo Djob meets for a Hungarian-Cameroonian economic forum in Debrecen.

After the welcome speech of Ferenc Miklóssy the economic cooperation between Hungary and Cameroon will be discussed and Hungary’s export opportunities to Cameroon will be considered.

Cameroon is situated in Central-Africa, at the bend of the Gulf of Guinea and is inhabited by 19 million people. Its economy is based on oil and agricultural products, thus it is amongst the fastest growing sub-Saharan countries. On the other hand there are some problems, which have negative effect on its economy: weak civil society, few experts, moderate economic diversification. Despite these hindering factors the government’s innovation policy together with the support of IMF and that of the World Bank results in a foundation of a thoughtful economic strategy.

A conscious effort to expand its trade relations by acquiring promising new markets creates capital that can be invested into agricultural and oil sectors. According to reports from the IMF the economic growth of Cameroon could be further stabilized by political steps, like marketization, social network development.


source: civishir.hu

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