Mini Festival of Contemporaneous Dance


13 -18 March at MODEM

13 March, 7 pm

Hodworks: The way my father imagined it all

A bare space, hardly visible light changes, music fragments floating into the silence for mere seconds. Four bodies and we, the viewers, all illuminated. All watch and are being watched at the same time.

The newest performance of HODWORKS is an international co-production realised in the the framework of Workshop Foundation`s Jardin d`Europe programme. In the new piece three makers joined to create the choreography together. Marco Torrice from Italy focused on the expansion of body awareness and language, Csaba Molnár from Slovakia set-out to tame the eternal duality of intrinsic versus extraneous, whereas company leader Adrienn Hód organised inherent ambiguity into situations and movement.

Their distinct worlds of movement are framed by a common proposition: The organ of will is the muscle. One needs to move so that something happens. As long as one moves, one is alive.


14 March, 7 pm

Anna Réti: Vis-à-vis – Meetings with A


I wonder what is the condition of a real encounter? The answer is of course very complex. But perhaps the most important condition is presence. From the moment of birth everyone is present, paying attention to the surrounding, and following the inside processes. During our personal development it all becomes increasingly difficult, and complicated, as we are becoming aware of the world around us. The piece tries to explore the issue of presence, by creating different ways of being present and experimenting with them.

18 March, 8 pm

Forte Company: Beckett: Waiting for Godot


The purpose of the presentation is to harmonize the spoken language with visuality, music and dance.


Tickets: 1000 Forints/person

Student tickets: 800 Forints/person

Season ticket: 2400 Forints/person

Student season ticket: 1800 Forints/person

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